At Bipier, we support our clients during every phase of production: from the initial research all the way to the design and manufacture of the machinery. Our strength lies in our ability to design and develop products that are custom-made to fulfil our clients' needs. Innovation is a cornerstone of our company: thanks to ongoing research and the input of a highly qualified technical department, our main objective is to assist our clients in achieving excellence.

Design engineering

At the heart of our company is a team of specialist design engineers with more than 20 years of know-how in the textile industry. Thanks to constant experimentation and continuous investment in research and development, we have what it takes to design and manufacture products that cater to the specific requirements of each individual client. Over the course of the past 14 years, our technical department has been granted a total of 15 patents, all in the textile sector.

Mechanical engineering

For more than 50 years, we have been operating in the metalworking and mechanical engineering sectors; thanks to our time-honoured experience and our constant investment in latest-generation machinery, we are now able to respond to the most wide-ranging requirements of the market and to offer our clients products of the highest quality and level of precision. Our manufacturing versatility allows us to create samples and to supply both large and small series of products.


Thanks to years of research and experimentation, we are capable of producing machines with exceptionally high levels of technological content and levels of performance that are unrivalled on the market. In recent years, we have manufactured more than 500 machines for the textile sector, with a particular focus on units for the production of men/'s and women's footwear, geared towards the automation of the production process. These units have included circular toe closers for women’s shoes, automatic loaders for wrinkle chasers, and line closers of various types.  Our flagship product, refined over the course of 5 years of experimentation, is a state-of-the-art automatic loading system that allows us to offer a unit without rival on the market.

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